Matthew Mulholland


Professionally Resolved In Delivering Excellence

Allow Matthew to take PRIDE in assisting you achieve your property dreams!

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington and having worked in the real estate industry in that market since 2007, Matthew is used to working in very active markets with multiple offers on both sides of the transaction. Matthew’s familiarity with this transaction environment serves well in assisting his clientele in beating competing buyers to get the home of their dreams or sell for the most in the shortest amount of time possible.

Matthew’s drive to assist sellers in reaching their goals is something he takes very personally – as if each were his own, personal transaction. He’ll put everything he has into all he does to meet or exceed your expectations. He calls it the “Mulholland Drive”. Matthew knows all too well that selling real estate can be a stressful time for sellers if the process does not go smoothly which is why he is committed to doing everything he can to "avoid any bumps along the way".

Matthew understands that searching for, finding, submitting an offer on, and actually buying a home, are much more than just steps in a real estate transaction that results in property ownership. These events are all cornerstones upon which many memories will be built. Matthew goes on to say, "it is my personal responsibility to continually find ways to help my clients place these cornerstones with a minimum amount of anxiety or work on their part".

With over 20 years of business marketing, development and management experience, Matthew is well-suited to serve his clientele in a way that is hands-on, highly resourceful and with the level of understanding, attention and service that his clients value and have come to expect. The combination of Matthews’s love of real estate, devotion to customer service, client satisfaction and his lifelong impeccable work ethic result in something more than just real estate transactions. Matthew believes that honesty, integrity, hard work and the ability to listen to, as well as act upon, his client’s desires are all essential parts in forming and maintaining long term business relationships. Matthew also believes that long term business relationships are a byproduct of sound business practices that are geared toward and focus on the needs and desires of each individual client. Matthew puts it very simply, "If I don't earn my business, I simply don't deserve it" (a quote from Matthew T. Mulholland 1992).

Now operating in the greater Fort Wayne market, Matthew is ready to serve you in reaching your real estate goals.